Collision Repair: Choose Your Own Auto Body Repair Shop

11 May Collision Repair: Choose Your Own Auto Body Repair Shop

There are a few misunderstanding regarding working with an insurance company to have your vehicle repair after an auto accident. The first thing that people tend to believe is true is that multiple quotes from various auto body repair shops are necessary, and secondly, that a vehicle must be repaired at a collision center that is recommended by the insurance company. Each of these claims are false, as you have the legal right to select the shop that you prefer and you really only have to get just one estimate for the repair cost to satisfy your claim!

Insurance companies would prefer that you work with collision repair shops that they select because there is often some type of agreement that saves the insurance company money, while providing the shop with steady business. Remember though, there is no law that requires you to use an insurance prefered shop. It is up to you who conducts the repairs on your car or truck! No matter which shop you choose your insurance company is required to pay for all repairs that fall under your policy. Just be sure you completely understand your coverage prior to ever having to take your vehicle to an auto body repair shop.

An insurance company may also ask that you get numerous quotes for damage repair, but this is just so they can use the information in order to send you to the cheapest option, keeping costs low for them. Again, the law stands by you as there is nothing that states you’re required to receive any more than one estimate. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider shopping around. You may be interested in getting a number of quotes in order to get the best possible evaluation of the damage your car has suffered and not necessarily because of price differences. Estimates that vary are pretty common, as a lower quote often does not include all necessary services that your vehicle will require in order to completely repair it. If your insurance company would like to have one of their own estimators evaluate the collision damage you can tell them that your vehicle is at a particular repair shop and they can send their estimator to that location.

After selecting a collision repair shop the employees of said shop will be able to work directly with your insurance provider to ensure that all of the repairs are completed and covered. The expert auto body technicians at Dreher Collision Center are happy to work with your insurance company to get you back on the road, all while practicing great customer service and auto body repair. We offer bumper to bumper collision repair in Appleton at two convenient locations. No matter what sort of cosmetic issue your vehicle has suffered, whether a small dent or major accident damage, we’ll restore your car’s safety and driveability, as well as its looks. Give the location most convenient for you a call today and request a free estimate for professional auto body repair in Appleton!

Written By Brian Corey
Published By MORBiZ

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