Dent & Scratch Repair

Accidents happen, but they certainly don’t have to look like they did. At Dreher Collision Center in Appleton our auto body technicians can remove any dent your vehicle has suffered. While it is nearly impossible to avoid accidents its completely possible to repair any amount of damage, and that is what we specialize in. We will restore the lines of your vehicle so no one will ever know it was involved in a collision.

Paintless Dent Removal

One great thing about modern vehicle’s paint finishes is their ability to absorb damage without ruining the paint. If the paint has not been scathed our technicians can likely complete what is known as paintless dent removal. This process eliminates the need for repainting a vehicle following a collision, which not only ensures quick collision repair, it drops the costs of repairs as well!

Paintless dent removal works best on dents that have occurred on accessible panels, such as doors, trunks and hoods. A technician will use a special set of tools to tap the dent out from the backside of the dent, ensuring a smooth finish once complete. This process works flawlessly more than 95 percent of the time when suggested and completed by a certified technician!

Paint Scratch Repair

Paint scratches are another bothersome eyesore for many vehicle owners. At Dreher Collision Centers of Appleton we can remove these scratches using multiple techniques. Depending on the length and depth of the scratch we may be able to quickly buff it out, while others may require body work and repainting of the affected area.

Don’t let auto body damage ruin an otherwise great car. Bring it into Dreher Collision Center in Appleton to have the damage evaluated and we will provide you with an honest quote to have it taken care of. Call Dreher Collision on American Drive at 920-731-1100 or on Speel School Road at 920-734-7676 today to schedule an appointment for dent repair, scratch removal or other professional collision repair in Appleton!


“I was tickled with the service I received. They even allowed me to come up on a Sunday for the estimate. Thanks too for the rental car. The work is A plus.”
– Joanne Benson – Appleton, WI